Trump Tower is the New Instagram Hotspot for Middle Finger Selfies

With a penchant for saying things that belong in Cards Against Humanity, it’s not surprising many Americans are angry with him. With Ted Cruz out, effectively killing the Zodiac Killer meme, the internet is latching on to a hot new trend: ”

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For Complex News, I'm Hanuman Welch and now
that the sentient loaf of spam mold injected
into a men's warehouse suit has become the
presumptive nominee for the Republican party,
Donald Trump has spent the last few weeks
trying to appear more presidential in public.
Despite the discovery that Trump's former
butler called for the execution of president
the reveal that Trump has allegedly been using
an alter-ego by the name of john miller when
Turmp wants to pretend to be a spokesman for
himself, and the cinco de mayo photo that
was shared by Trump of himself eating a taco
bowl with the caption, "I love Hispanics"
many can't seem to turn the corner on Trump's
presidential bona fides.
And now, the Tower that bears his name in
New York has become a hotspot for those opposed
to Trump to let the world know exactly where
they stand on his candidacy. People are exercising
their right to free speech and giving him
the finger right outside of Trump Tower. Thats's
right, you just need to head to the corner
of 58th and 5th whip out your middle finger
with the #Fucktrump to get in on the F*ck
Trump movement.
And sure taking a few pot shots on social
media may seem futile, but it's part of a
much larger, anti-racist stand to take against
against a guy who looks like a spoiled cannister
of frozen orange juice. Thats' all for now,
but for everything else, subscribe to Complex
on YouTube.

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