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Donald Trump is a prominent American businessman and the Republican Party’s nominee for President of the United States in the 2016 US Presidential Election. Here, we countdown the top 3 high rise buildings with Mr Trump’s name on, totally impartially. Sort of. For more videos from The B1M subscribe now – …

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Donald J Trump is a prominent American businessman,
often referred to as ‘The Donald’. At
the time of filming he’s also the Republican
party’s nominee for president of the United
States in the upcoming US presidential election.
Now we’re not going to get into politics
here, we’re just going to give you a quick
round-up of some of the high rise construction
projects with The Donald’s name on.
First up is the Trump Hotel just off the Las
Vegas strip in Nevada. The 64 storey tower
which opened in March 2008 is the tallest residential
building in Vegas. It has 1,282 rooms, a number
of private apartments and two restaurants
– one named DJT after it’s owner.
The external windows are gilded with gold,
matching nicely with the lettering across
the top of the structure.
In Toronto you’ll find the Trump International
Hotel and Tower, the tallest mixed use building
in Canada developed by a consortium of contractors
and named after Donald Trump who was a minority
shareholder in the project.
The 65 storey building contains 260 luxury
hotel rooms and 109 apartments, the top two
floors are taken up with a 5,486 metre squared
Now as I said at the outset we’re not going
to get into politics in this video and we
want to try and remain as impartial as we
can so, with that in mind, we’re not going
to talk about the construction programme which
overran massively, the slow uptake of the
residential apartments or the petition to
get the name of the building changed after
The Donald called for a complete shutdown
of Muslims entering the United States.
Instead we’re just going to gloss over it
and move onto the next tower…
Topping our list is the 68 storey Trump Tower
in New York, the flagship building and The
Donald’s base in New York City .
The tower is also home to Bruce Willis and
Cristiano Ronaldo, it’s a key part of the
New York skyline and has appeared in many
films. It was used as the Headquarters of
Wayne Enterprises in The Dark Knight Rises.
Again, we are trying to be impartial and we don’t
want to get into politics so we’re not going
to talk about the hundreds of undocumented
immigrants who were involved in the building
of this tower some of whom were paid below
the minimum wage if they were paid at all.
Neither are we going to talk about the Trump
merchandise kiosk positioned in place of a
long positioned public bench in breach of
the city’s regulations.
Instead, we’re just going to leave it there.
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