Raising an Olympian: Simone Biles | Rio 2016 Olympic Games | P&G Thank You, Mom

In this Raising an Olympian story, see what it took to raise Simone Biles, U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Hopeful. This video is brought to you by Tide Pods and P&G, Proud Sponsor of Moms. Watch more P&G Thank You, Mom stories inspired by the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

It’s not every day a teenager asks to compete for her country.

I still don't know if
I'm the best mother.
I think the biggest thing in
guidance is teaching your children
to make the right decision.
That is a 10, a perfect 10 execution.
And it's not every day
a 13-year-old tells you
they want to compete for their country.
That's crazy talk.
She is the 2015 American Cup Champion.
The key thing was to not
negate this dream that she has.
Because I could have said,
no, you're not doing that.
How is it possible that she can be
this much better than everybody else.
But if you listen to them,
and if you encourage them,
they will make their own decisions.
Thank the Lord that I listened
to Simone and I allowed
Simone to even pursue that dream.

Although just four foot eight, Simone
Biles is not to be underestimated.

Despite her size, Simone is packed with
power– refined, concentrated power.
That's why she trusts Tide Pods.
She knows small can be powerful.

It's got to be Tide.

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