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John D. Saunders, Lead Digital Strategist at 5Four Digital Welcomes you to The Digital Block

The Digital Block is a combination of no-BS digital marketing tips for business owners, bloggers and ecommerce peeps in search of real advice on improving their web performance and sales. We’re not trying to sell you a damn thing. Just high-quality, quick to implement tips to help your business thrive. That’s it.

We’ll talk Search Engine Optimization, web design, social media, User Experience, online tools to help you track your efforts and more. We’ll also interview and discuss tips with industry leaders in all verticals including ecommerce store owners, other Digital Marketing peeps and successful business entrepreneurs. At the end of the day, we’re looking to provide some awesome info for all of you aspiring and thriving entrepreneurs out there, absolutely free.

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Interview with Liram Sustiel | Ep. 14

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Hey Digital Fam, my name is John D. Saunders, and in today’s Digital Block we talk the power of leveraging social media and Digital with Internet Entrepreneur and owner of mph club®, Liram Sustiel.

First and foremost, these guys are powerhouse marketers. I’ve known them for several years, worked closely with them, together, on developing marketing strategies that convert. Lee, who’s here with me now, and Stac, the co-founder, saw how under deserved exotic car rental industry was online. Using their experience, we developed detailed plans for social media, SEO and online branding. Fast forward a few years and the fleet has expanded 10 fold. They’ve built a stellar team and continue to kill the game with an additional boutique style marketing agency, MCO Network. Lee was cool enough to take some time out of his day to talk to us.

John: So, tell me about your past and how mph club came about.

Lee: We didn’t really have the guts to just walk into dealership, buy an exotic vehicle and walk away and lose 30% of the car which normally, everybody does. I’ve looked deeper and see there’s a big demand out there for exotic car rental needs. A lot of production companies need these vehicles. A lot of people wanted to just have fun in their birthday weekend.

We built mph club years ago and it was just a directory online, just to generate the leads. The website started generating a lot of traffic, lot of demand and we actually got the courage and went to go buy our first car a couple of years ago. It was a 2012 brand new Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. That was the first car that we bought and we put it into the system. It started going on every weekend and eventually started going out more than just every weekend and eventually, our client took it for a whole month.

And because of that reason, we’re like, yo, we need to buy another car because we have the demand, clients are calling and we just don’t have the inventory for it. So the next thing we know, we buy another car, buy the Ferrari California at that time, buy another Lamborghini and the next thing you know, three years later, we’re 35 cars deep and growing, multiple occasions across South Florida and the company turned to be a full time business. So, we still operate and manage on MCO Network which is our marketing company responsible for dozens of companies here in South Florida. We’re doing very well with it as well and it’s just been a fun ride for the last couple of years we’ve been doing this.

John: Another thing is mph club is highly engaged with social media, online content, engagement SEO. How do you guys find the time to create such high engaging content? I mean, you have a total of 17,000 followers on Instagram, all organic. How do you guys do it?

Lee: That’s the fun part. All of our social media, we have a team. My team can take all the credit for it. We have a photography department. We have a videography department and we do this for fun. We go take the car, take some cool pictures, get creative with them. When it comes to the holidays, we implement that into the actual videography.

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An Easy Way to Present Client Website Mockups | Ep. 17

Hey Digital Fam! My name is John D Saunders and in today’s Digital Block, we talk about how to present client website mockups with one easy and free tool.


So, you’ve started a brand new web or app design project for a client or your business. At 5Four Digital we follow a five step approach to web development, which you can find out more righhhht….there.

It almost always starts with the Concept. It’s basically where we work with a client to lay the ground-work of the website look and feel as well as the user experience. Now, a long time ago, we use to build out sites with the information provided by the client. So, if the client didn’t like the design or the look and feel, then we basically had to start again and develop the entire website over.

Yeah, BLEEP that.

So, fast forward to now our process includes a complete wireframe or website mockup we create in photoshop the client can visually see and interact with. That way, they can make any fundamental changes or tweaks based on a real, live view of their site. Plus, it works out for our team because we don’t have to do any type of development, just design work. So, how do we do it? One awesome tool:

Invision aka the most bad-ass software on the planet. Oh, and it’s free.

Invision lets you create Web & Mobile (iOS, Android) designs into clickable, interactive Prototypes and Mockups. So you’re able to Share and Collaborate on them with others. It’s a really intuitive tool that ANYONE can use. Yes, I mean ANYONE. We’ve had clients who aren’t super computer savvy breeze through the system. So, in this episode, I wanted to do a quick dive into a few projects for you to check it out. Let’s go!

– Invision App Content –

Thanks for watching The Digital Block! If you haven’t yet, feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel right here. Have an awesome day, peace!

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One Huge Way to Lower Facebook Ad Cost | Ep.16

Hey Digital Fam, my name is John D Saunders and in today’s Digital Block, we talk tips on improving your Facebook Ads and lowering your cost of reaching your consumer.

Facebook’s algorithm is BASED on relevance. Honestly, the entire web is based on how website’s can serve up content that’s relevant to you. Yes…you! Every website you visit, every question you ask on search engines and every single keystroke you generate creates your online persona and marketers and brands pay big cash to directly reach their ideal demographic.

That’s where Facebook Relevance score comes in. If you’ve created Facebook ads as a marketer or business owner, then you’ve probably seen an area in your ad manager that breaks down your specific ad’s relevance score.

So, what the hell is a relevance score?

Relevance score is calculated based on the positive and negative feedback Facebook expects an ad to receive from its target audience. The more positive interactions receive a higher ad relevance score. (Positive indicators vary depending on the ad’s objective, but may include video views, conversions, clicks, etc…) The more times Facebook expects people to hide or report an ad, the lower its score will be.

So, Why is it important?

Relevance score can help lower the cost of reaching people. This creates a positive signal for Facebook. Resulting in your ad being served more often and more inexpensive than the competition.

It also helps optimize ads, as relevance score can change for an ad over time. This is a solid indicator that the ad might need to change.

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The 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions of 2016 | Ep.22

Hey Digital Fam, this is John D Saunders and in today’s Digital Block we break down the 10 of the BEST Google Chrome Extensions of 2016. Let’s go!!!

By now, you most likely know about Google Chrome, right? In short, it’s a super fast web browser developed by Google to gather all of our information.

Kidding. Or, am I…

No, really it’s probably the best web browser out in comparison to Safari, Internet Explorer (thumbs down) and its closest competitor, Firefox.

All in all, chrome has a simple, easy to use interface, task manager and the best part yet a large library of extensions and add-ons.

These extensions enhance the browser’s ability to perform additional tasks. In today’s episode, we break down our top 10 favorites.

Stay tuned, we’re going to run through these.

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