I Bought My Dad A Car… This is His Reaction!!!

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some of the guys in on what’s going on
with quickly April 13th Japan may leave
for the college for April 18 which is
Monday my dad’s birthday is on April
21st so Monday so my dad currently
drives a 2005 Honda Element
three hundred-plus thousand miles on it
and the past 23 months in breaking down
the highway its rattling his pedometer
like is broken so he doesn’t know
fastest growing and it’s been a lot of
money to the car to keep it like running
so smoothly
because Michael today we do this
extremely quickly literally 30 minutes I
was here to me 30 minutes ago deployment
I came back and sign papers so michael c
I guess right now has Rhapsody on
it’s my last day you’re so you know I
get up
well go get ready to come pick you up
and we’re gonna go to lunch and I’m to
use the mall and shopping all that we’re
going to do dinner to be ready in like
30 40 45 minutes to an hour today things
to come up with your shopping thing such
as they come outside of here and then
i’m taking a few minutes earlier home
and then put the ball in the car show
you ask are you haven’t seen it and then
meaning black wheels black real black
accents everywhere and the sunroof or
she’s here it’s the best we can get and
he talked to my mom about the sprawling
just how he saw a delight one of the
first cars Cadillac news silver and just
and videos Carson break now it’s been
having problems in the the scanner
doesn’t work is it popped out of the
same song live like that trust back and
forth and I always look forward to the
day when I’d be able to provide the to
be able to treat my family and loved
ones and
tell us that side i get a text my mom
are coming I was gonna call my dad come
up so that thing she met come outside
drive up to follow up