Michael Is Alive: Official Trailer #2 | Season 5 | PRISON BREAK

This year breaking out is just the beginning. The original event series is back, PRISON BREAK returns to FOX!

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I died seven years ago.
Left behind a wife,
a son, and a brother.
But the dead talk,
if you listen.
What was my father like?
He was like a storm.
And he would show
up in your life,
and then he would disappear.
But storms– they can
come back, can't they?
Linkity link.
Looks like your brother
might just be alive.
If you're playing
me, I'll kill you.
Michael's reaching out to us.
I thought he was dead?
There's only one
way to find out.
Michael's in the Middle East.
He's my best friend.
I'm coming with you.
Their country's falling apart.
Welcome to the civil war.
We're gonna get
you out of here.
You're gonna tell
me everything.
He may not have 24 hours.
When those lights go
black, we're gonna disappear
from this place, like ghosts.
ISIL just declared war on us.
We're getting out
of this country.
We work together,
or we both die.

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