ESPYs 2013 – Best & Worst Dressed!

The 20th running of the ESPY awards of featured, per the usual, some of the hottest celebrities and athletes in the world. Aside from the winners the main attraction was what each personality wore to the awards show in Los Angeles. Lebron James, Katherine Webb, Michael Phelps and girlfriend Win McMurry, Colin Kaepernick, Syd Wilder, Adrian peterson, Marisa Millr, Selena Gomez, Danica Patrick, Maria Sharapova and more are featured and critiqued.


hello and welcome to the jewel duel with
Ben and Rick better
lack of police and now another commenter
but that one and yeah
so the etnies took place this past week
and we have a come goodbye listen up the
best and worst
correlation yeah compilation compilation
whatever I'm learning still
%uh the best and worst dressed and a few
other notable so let's get started
Gabrielle Union who of course is very
artsy the number going out with
next picture plainly she really yep
Gabrielle Union is from my nebraska my
ex-wife was for breast
from omaha well they're both
incredibly if they're both incredibly
attractive black woman from Omaha
when I met my ex wife cheat on issues
from Nebraska I didn't
I didn't believe I was like your kid
wife because in my warped
incredibly ignorant brand I thought one
or several black people in Nebraska and
they certainly look like you
home in the college's a World Series
site on it internal unrest that
turns out the
I was mistaken as dumb just just like
this we're so dumb
i mean everyday I learn about money and
we're not done
you're done because you're done yeah
anyway so I but Dad and so I learned
also that Gabrielle Union was from
was from I did not know that also very
beautiful more compilation stuff to
Libya while the left
selena gomez in the middle and Gabrielle
Union on the right only Gomez goes out
with Justin Bieber
they're done I think they just one out
again today
well that's sad their fears doesn't
doesn't speak well for
their Selena Gomez adorable and Spring
alright continue McKayla Maroney %uh
who was voted as actually having 10
worst dresses at the ESPYs um
I don't know who's that woman McKayla
who home I got yeah
the the perfect vault in the Olympic mom
topical don't work go watch the Olympics
are remember age that didn't turn
all right we continue his next shares
Gabby Douglas
I voted as one of the best dressed I V
2013 she's a she's adorable yep totally
I'll see you know its port replace yes
use a hurler he said
to the chip death Howard not a galaxy
that again yet totally night with the
big controversy with her hair the
made-up controversy whether
the meda now was a much for controversy
alright what steps Michael Phelps and
his new girlfriend when McMurray who is
with the Golf Channel
in the Phelps Phelps is putting together
solid list the girlfriends
and people say resembling but they don't
say I resemble him
Colin Kaepernick I don't very bright
incredibly bright colors nothing I
couple of certainly on
there was no bill collector caperton for
sec anywhere this
any sport this I couldn't work I mean I
wouldn't wear but i mean you know your
professional athlete you can literally
do anything
if you're successful brush lightly yeah
an enemy just where think you will reap
really do anything
he doing get away with it off nobody
cares amigas generally I'd like an
every single day and people look like
its gorky yet but what people call you
out on it
sometimes but I mean it doesn't matter
even as you can get away with murder in
that outfit is
the fashion equivalent of murder
interesting now I don't see that we
what's next Sobran look like it he
looked like he went to the Playboy
Mansion was wearing a hugh Hefner
smoking jacket
well and it's like here's the thing I
get it like he's trees were brought
against your liberal James
you can do anything you want no one's
really gonna say anything but he had the
sunglasses on the whole time inside
except when he was on I was opening
day's work yet but you look like an
idiot with sunglasses
inside you know it you know and
Kaepernick worm the entire
time as musicians like at the Grammys
that's allowed
musicians can do it look like a
resistance to it and athletes can
II the back you ask that question tells
me have so much to learn about how
America works
because musicians can do anything they
want they can wear hats
family if you're going to yeah the
athlete should be able to add his
liberal Bromley in
eighty with sunglasses on inside yeah is
a basketball player
if you're a drummer or a hip-hop star
it's all fair game you do whatever you
want to give you should open you can
hear coming I gave a girl licking your
nipples during the award ceremony
and people who be like I you know at
space Courtney
yeah okay understood what's next I think
we have a few more
Creek Ct get it was going out with John
Legend don't know Chris DTS
SI swimsuit model well that's why I
don't know and she's gorgeous
continue Sugar Shane Mosley he looks
like he's
on South Beach I i think we've a few
okay this is said while there from this
is the end general might appreciate this
she was at the MTV Movie yeah she was
actually a sports buddy
she shaded seating was she in this is
the end we know
yes you I i saw former IMDB that she was
in that movie
I've not seen the movie yet I i think we
have two more Adrian Peterson
on look for a drink beer there's a
reason to go back to a tribute thing is
he looks like he's late for a meeting at
the Young Republicans
up Jr like their own
rison Miller who actually just had a kid
is also in SI swimsuit model she said a
kid means you just had a kid
adopted yet now
went what's just it came Mike I mean I
don't know
five months ago eight months ago maybe
Knauer a maybe eight with a personal
girl looks good a like that sorrow and
Maria Sharapova was voted one of the
worst dressed
nom Kevin Bacon looks good I like that a
technique may go
you can't go wrong with a guest
reassemble yeah the distance you look
like a.m.
whose cargo vans go from looks just like
a totally accordion locker
yeah let's not confuse them more
attractive she's more attractive Russian
version according to a
Danika Patrick voted one of the worst I
thought you were good
there first a look not yet to for for at
the surgeon if its vote you have to
if no slept like us um by cameo
like the shoes on that dad after the the
you know that something though the app's
is killer look after my Dr
a baby cow if an off button
Gasparino maybe the finest castle ever
seen American History
for thank you those were great
do you have any more per and it's got
great that fill the that sounds female
athletes have certain was that our
strength athletes like maybe tennis
players stuff
their legs a great we'll have to do a
formal dress and outside of an athletic
the legs a great in that way about their
arms shoulders
looking to you know must because they
expose now right
having a lot track events whenever you
to form a thing the women
the female athletes they look awesome
but then they have to try and find a way
to make sure this over the look to
right because they're so in shape so
athletic but the legs are awesome hugs
from Fort
your you know else has great cast by the
way josh Josh make with
really now my brother every images ball
with them every time he's at the gym
women stop them and the like what do you
he looks like he has another Catholic
thing inside his captain Nick
really quick can you do a quick
impression of Josh make with and being
his own cams
bill who I
kilometres was a good right the
with nothing to lose I don't even work
on the cathouse but police still
a very different story ok
good every time every time iight
best and worst dressed at the SB than a
few other notables those RBS
can be 0 so I think you can

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