Donald Trump Interview on Letterman Show (2005)

Donald Trump talks about Melania Knauss and their wedding in Mar-a-Lago, and something they produced in their honeymoon… The Apprentice and real estate (Trump Tower Chicago). And did Donald tried to date Martha Stewart.?..

CIA picking up lots of "chatter"
about your dandruff.
Our first guest tonight is one of the biggest
ever Real Estate moguls. He also stars on
the successful television program, the apprentice.
That's where they say- "you're fired!"
PAUL SHAFFER: Yeah. He says it. He's the one
who says it.
DAVID LETTERMAN: He at the end of every show-
"you're fired!"
DAVID LETTERMAN: Here he is, the one and the
only Donald Trump, ladies and gentlemen.
DAVID LETTERMAN: Pleasure to meet you. Thank
you so much. Great to have you here.
DONALD TRUMP: It's great to be here.
DAVID LETTERMAN: How are things in your life?
I wanna tell you, New York city is great enough
on it's on even if itself but it's always
fun to have a guy like you in New York. It
seems like they go hand in hand, don't you
agree with that?
DONALD TRUMP: I love him too folks.
And congratulations, you recently got married.
DONALD TRUMP: That's true
DAVID LETTERMAN: Tell me about the big wedding,
where did that take place- is that in Florida?
DONALD TRUMP: Well the wedding was at Mar-a-Lago
in Palm Beach and it was a nice wedding.
DAVID LETTERMAN: What is Mar-a-Lago?
DONALD TRUMP: It's a private club that I built.
It was the former home of E.F Hutton and Marjorie
Merriweather Post and it's the greatest estate
that I turned in to a private club and it
has become very successful.
DAVID LETTERMAN: How many people are members
of the private club there?
DONALD TRUMP: About 500.
DAVID LETTERMAN: Now, could I get in or I
not ahh..
DONALD TRUMP: You can always get in. You can
get in to any clubs certainly if I own it,
you can.
DAVID LETTERMAN: Thank you very much. But
is it really. Is it the uhmm Is it the
creme de la creme? Is that what we're talking
about here?
DONALD TRUMP: Well it's people. Yeah, great
people mostly from Palm Beach and New York
and it sold out very quickly. It's been really
DAVID LETTERMAN: Now here is how we can tell
if it's the creme de la creme.
DONALD TRUMP: Go ahead. I wanna I wanna
hear this.
DAVID LETTERMAN: Is Regis a member?
DONALD TRUMP: Regis is a member of anything
I do. Regis right now is a very depressed
member because of what happened to Notre Dame,
how about that?
DAVID LETTERMAN: Well, did you see that ball
DONALD TRUMP: It was amazing.
DONALD TRUMP: And actually, you know, there
was a little pushing going on at the end which
is at legal . So, I guess in the respect..
Regis, I spoke to him this morning. He actually
called me and I said: "Reg, how do you fee?".
He was very very depressed.
DAVID LETTERMAN: Well, he shouldn't be too
depressed because one, Notre Dame has a program
again. They're back in business.
DONALD TRUMP: That's true, that's true.
DAVID LETTERMAN: Number two, If you take a
look at it, and I'd be happy to go through
frame by frame with you and I'm sure you have
the equipment, we can do that up at your place.
DONALD TRUMP: That's true.
DAVID LETTERMAN: You'll see that USC didn't
actually win the ball game. But enough about
that..Let's talk..
DONALD TRUMP: A lot of people will agree of
that by the way..
DAVID LETTERMAN: So, how was the wedding?
Was it a big deal, did you have elephants
and monkeys and stuff?
DONALD TRUMP: It was a big deal. It was a
great deal. And you're very talented, Les
was there. I just heard Les on the phone and
Les was at the wedding with his beautiful
wife. She is beautiful and we had a really
good time.
DAVID LETTERMAN: Speaking of beautiful women,
my gosh look at this. You know who that is?
DONALD TRUMP: That's my little Melania.
DAVID LETTERMAN: Yeah.. That's your lovely
wife. Oh my God! That's just unbelievable.
How did you meet her? How do you meet girls
like that?
DONALD TRUMP: Well I met her, it's not easy.
It's actually pretty tough. But I met her
at the party and I was actually with somebody
else at that time and I was begging this person
to go to the bathroom. Can you believe it?
Don't you have to go to the bathroom?
DONALD TRUMP: Don't you have to do anything?
But no. I met her at a party and it just worked
from the beginning.
DAVID LETTERMAN: Now is there.. looks like
there might be ahh an age difference?
DONALD TRUMP: Very very slight. It's a very
very small difference.
DAVID LETTERMAN: Wow she's beautiful.
DONALD TRUMP: Not even noticeable.
DAVID LETTERMAN: Where is she from? Is she
from United States?
DONALD TRUMP: She's from Slovenia Austria
DAVID LETTERMAN: Slovenia Austria. She looks
like she's smart too.
DONALD TRUMP: She's very smart.
DAVID LETTERMAN: Yeah. Wow! Well, nice going
DONALD TRUMP: Too smart sometimes, but that
DAVID LETTERMAN: And ahh It was your honeymoon.
Did you go off on honeymoon?
DONALD TRUMP: We actually stayed in Palm Beach
cause I've been so busy, so we stayed in Palm
Beach at Mar-a-Lago and took it easy and obviously
we produced something that's happening in
the not so distant future.
DAVID LETTERMAN: Yeah, congratulations! You're
gonna have a baby
DONALD TRUMP: That's true.
When is the baby due?
DONALD TRUMP: In about six months and you
know when you think of it, they'll be going
to school together. Your baby, my baby. They'll
be sort of like..
DAVID LETTERMAN: Now this will be your third
or fourth child actually.
DONALD TRUMP: I actually have four. This is
number five.
DAVID LETTERMAN: Number five. My goodness.
And can you give us the ages and the names?
You know the names?
DONALD TRUMP: I do know their names. I do
yeah.. Well I have Donnie.
DONALD TRUMP: Don. Don who just actually started
with me and he's doing a great job.
DAVID LETTERMAN: He works with you in the
DONALD TRUMP: He's in the business
And I have Ivanka and I have Eric and I have
Tiffany. Oh boy, I'm glad I got to go.
DAVID LETTERMAN: Wow man! And do we know,
is it little boy or little girl so far?
DONALD TRUMP: Well, we're going to find out
actually next week.
DONALD TRUMP: What it is.
DAVID LETTERMAN: That's exciting.
DONALD TRUMP: I like that idea.. but..what
it was..
DAVID LETTERMAN: How does it.. You've had
your children at the normal fathering age
with your sons and daughters.
DAVID LETTERMAN: But you sort of like me,
we're really too old to be you know, I mean
DONALD TRUMP: Your traditional father
DAVID LETTERMAN: That's right. I can't even
make a fist anymore.
DONALD TRUMP: I mean, what will be entrusting
for both of us is we go to school for like
the class, whatever it is and you have 20-year-old
DAVID LETTERMAN: That's right.
DONALD TRUMP: And we'll have these kids
DONALD TRUMP: And we'll be many many years
older than that. It's gonna be an interesting
DAVID LETTERMAN: I worry about the child at
some point being aware of this great age difference
between myself and the other fathers and will
he, you know, will that harm him in a way?
DONALD TRUMP: No. I think..
DAVID LETTERMAN: Oh, daddy's too old.
DONALD TRUMP: No, they'll gonna love us very
DAVID LETTERMAN: You think so?
DONALD TRUMP: I think they'll gonna love us
and we'll never gonna be too old. They're
going to love us like you have no idea.
DAVID LETTERMAN: Let me ask you a question.
I don't want to put on the spot here but God
forbid something happens to me..
DAVID LETTERMAN: Would you take my son?
DONALD TRUMP: I will take.. I will be around..
You know why?
DONALD TRUMP: I would love to. That's called
a great gene pool. I would love to. I would
be honored.
DAVID LETTERMAN: Oh my God! Alright we'll
be right back with Donald Trump everybody.
DAVID LETTERMAN: Donald Trump is here ladies
and gentlemen.. Anderson Cooper. Let's talk
a little bit about the world of real estate.
Is it still booming the world of real estate?
DONALD TRUMP: It's doing very well. It continues
to do well, I mean if you read the newspaper,
they are not sure what's gonna happen but
you hear so much about the bubble, the bubble,
the bubble
DONALD TRUMP: But it really is doing very
well, very strong.
DAVID LETTERMAN: Where is the tallest structure
in the United States, in the world, I'm sorry,
in the world?
DONALD TRUMP: Well, in the United States it's
in Chicago.
DAVID LETTERMAN: Chicago, right.
DONALD TRUMP: Sears Tower and in the world,
there will be in Dubai
DONALD TRUMP: Right. Where I'm doing a lot
of jobs with Dubai.
DAVID LETTERMAN: And how tall, how many stories
in that structure?
DONALD TRUMP: Well at this moment it's about
125. 125 stories but I have a feeling that's
gonna be topped by a lot. By probably 40 or
50 stories. It could go up as high as 200
DAVID LETTERMAN: Wow! That's crazy isn't it?
DONALD TRUMP: Yeah. And it will probably take
place in Dubai.
DAVID LETTERMAN: Now in terms of security
and economic sense, do these structure makes
any sense at all? Are they reasonable?
DONALD TRUMP: It makes sense for a country.
DONALD TRUMP: It terms of the overall appeal.
It makes sense for a country. A country like
Dubai, they've done an amazing job over the
last number of years and it makes a lot of
sense for a country.
DAVID LETTERMAN: And what are the two- the
towers, the Petronas towers in Malaysia?
DONALD TRUMP: In Malaysia, yes.
DAVID LETTERMAN: And how tall are those things?
DONALD TRUMP: They are about 115 stories
DAVID LETTERMAN: Wow! And you're..
DONALD TRUMP: And they were the tallest until
just recently.
DAVID LETTERMAN: You're building the tallest
structure in New Jersey, is that right?
DONALD TRUMP: I'm building actually the tallest
building in New Jersey. It's 55 stories. And
I'm building a 92 story building in Chicago.
DONALD TRUMP: Which will be just under the
height of the Sears tower and I could've gone
higher, but because of September 11th, I decided
to take a pass. We will gonna actually be
building.. I was gonna do a building of 150
stories and after September 11th, I substantially
reduced the height.
DAVID LETTERMAN: And where do you get the
money to do something like that?
DONALD TRUMP: Well, you have to have a great
project, you have to have a great location
and then you go to the lenders and you say:
"hey listen, here's the sell out, here's the
price, here's the sell add on." If you have
a good record, you just get the money.
DAVID LETTERMAN: And these could be residential
structures or hotel?
DONALD TRUMP: This is residential and hotel.
It's a combination of residential and Chicago
DAVID LETTERMAN: And all of these buildings
have your name. It'll be the Trump Chicago,
the Trump.. The lake front Trumpers or something.
DONALD TRUMP: Yeah.. I don't name everything
after myself.
DONALD TRUMP: But if I do something that is
really, that I think is really good..
DONALD TRUMP: I put the name Trump on it and
it seems to help a lot in selling.
DAVID LETTERMAN: Let's talk about the show,
that you're fired thing. Now these people..
These people that you.. these apprentices
in real life, you wouldn't take one of them
to lunch. I mean there.. In real life, you
wouldn't want them working for you, would
DAVID TRUMP: Well, actually Bill has done
a great job and Kelly and Kendra. They've
all done really good jobs. They've had three
and now we're on number four and they are
very talented group of people. There are over
million of people applied of being the apprentice.
DAVID LETTERMAN: Wow. That's crazy, isn't
DAVID TRUMP: It's doing terrifically and it's..
DAVID LETTERMAN: But the truth of it.. I mean
if you get in to it, it's a game show. An
if somebody came to you and the Here's
my resume, oh I see you were on the Price
is right. Oh my God, fine! C'mon. I mean life
doesn't really work that way.
DAVID TRUMP: Well you know it's interesting..
A lot of people they get on and they really
wanna work for me and I think after they get
bitten by the television bug, all of a sudden,
they wanna become Davide Letterman. They wanna
be you on television.
DONALD TRUMP: And that does happen.
DONALD TRUMP: But we really. We really have
had a tremendously talented group of people
and I think that's one of the reasons the
show is doing so well.
DAVID LETTERMAN: How many years have been
on air? 4th year?
DONALD TRUMP: It's in its 4th season which
is actually two years.
DAVID LETTERMAN: And then Martha Stewart had
got the same kind of show, right?
DONALD TRUMP: She's got a similar show.
DAVID LETTERMAN: Similar show. Now do you
have any involvement with that?
DONALD TRUMP: Yes. Well, I own it.
DAVID LETTERMAN: You own the show.
DONALD TRUMP: Along with Martha.
DAVID LETTERMAN: Did you.. when Martha was
out of jail and single, did you ever, you
DONALD TRUMP: Gave it a shot?
DAVID TRUMP: No. She's a friend of mine. You
know, she's been through so much and she's..
DAVID LETTERMAN: She's tremendous. She's good,
I love her.
DAVID TRUMP: She really is. She's an amazingly
brave wonderful woman.
DAVID TRUMP: And I know her well and she's
a great woman
DAVID LETTERMAN: Yeah. And pops, they'll get
it done. Look, I don't wanna be silly about
DAVID TRUMP: Wow, look at this..
DAVID LETTERMAN: But wait a minute you haven't..
When is the month you're looking?
DAVID TRUMP: Six months
DAVID LETTERMAN: You're not sure if it's a
boy or girl
DAVID LETTERMAN: But still, one way or the
other, baby will need some hair.
DONALD TRUMP: Oh, I like that yes.
DONALD TRUMP: Ahh.. Thank you.
DAVID LETTERMAN: Congratulations.
DONALD TRUMP: Thank you.
DAVID LETTERMAN: Good luck to you. You're
on that.
DONALD TRUMP: Thank you Dave. Thank you.
DAVID LETTERMAN: Donald Trump ladies and gentlemen.
The apprentice. Nice job! We'll be right back
with Anderson Cooper.

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