Ashley Wagner Reaction – The Facial Expression Heard Round The World

“U.S. figure skater Ashley Wagner didn’t like the score she got for her short program in the team figure skating event at the Sochi Olympics on Saturday.

And, like Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney before her, she wasn’t able to hide her disappointment.

The look on her face said it all after she received a score of 63.10, which was lower than she expected. The moment was captured on camera — and now Wagner is a meme of the 2014 Games.”* The Young Turks hosts Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian break it down.

*Read more here from Laura E. Davis / LA Times:

American figure skater Ashley Wagner got
a lot of attention because of her
reaction to the scores that were read
after she performed
in the short program in the ladies team
now %uh the person who competed right
before her
actually fell so she was expecting to
get much higher marks and then just take
a quick look at her reaction as shoes
think underscore was night
it doesn't take a genius to be other
words you just said that it would appear
to be
molehill yes the cell %uh right now
Ashley Wagner is getting a ton of tweets
calling her a thug because of her eye
she was inappropriate over 600 overspend
I what he does made it okay
obviously I'm not a requirement didn't
even curse K
yeah a hoe not obviously the reactions
were a little different in tone with no
I mean I i feel like should probably get
a little more criticism if she were
you know profit from a different
background rap or on different sport
right are different for everyone
everyone's like a loving it and I'm not
saying I hate it I think it's hilarious
like I love genuine reaction
II don't I believe in sportsmanship sure
whatever but I also like people were
genuine so I like that she had a genuine
reaction the scores especially though
she didn't
be especially since she didn't believe
that she got what she deserved we
actually have run tapers to solicit
uncommon for you
I'm comment but Ken she
looks like misty Kingma ship issues
which really pissed that the judge us
it did I no look the bless her heart
I it's a natural moment the this isn't
the issue the issue is
we're dissecting the Olympics second by
why would we want both grow we're
praying to expression
for two-and-a-half seconds ever to go
nuts oh my god you're Olympics Winter
the sports aren't actually that
interesting so we gotta make something
interesting right
and cell phones parts are interesting I
figure skating I like tacos
okay no Ste he likes K
speed creating a okay I'm bah humbug
about the Olympics
and I'm an acceptable because we have
%ah Joanna about Michelle
okay let's build a bigger up all over
I'm not judging look I
I don't consider I hate to say it but
okay I don't think this
whose we are happy to hate the sport her
birthday so I
anyway look she had a real reaction
bless her heart
but nothing wrong with hidden if I wuz
got a lower score than the person who
fell before me I'd be pissed too
this is the problem sorry I'm turn I'm
trying to get no weed or kinda sport
I is def a sport but they need to figure
a way to regulate
or lease normalize the system how does
someone judges
into says you have to give you an A
despite what
you one person from experts and then I
understand there's a level of difficulty
for your program you do this kinda
trade commerce that got a trick but they
miss me some regularity is going in that
there's no you can't at
guys will attract great hundred-meter
and attract you up be at the government
when able to get into
but I liked is often better I because
than usual how good their outfit looks
now that stupid shit I'm a bit
then that's the way I think there's the
politics of figure skating
that goes into it yet she said mister
private not just take someone school
because the whatever was in their heads
and look that is a promise that i Sport
issue there's a lot of course that where
they're scoring
right but it is an issue for all the
sports that have score including
boxing right and that's why they'll be
every other fight how are we can't
believe the judges score are you know
him to be there were no it was another
girl alone
so that if there's normalization a box
in if you go back and look at you'll see
how judge Smith bike
there's shots this point there's leaving
the score the normalization to it
I'll maybe you know there is the biggest
gave no they're not measures meeting the
whole thing yeah
and he says we should be at least we
don't think that in Figure Skating their
whereas have two times when you have a
question will scores a basket
boxing who quit was it because they had
a rough night and couldn't see where the
punches or do that a lot of money on
King on misty Kingma
until the bear's toe licker up but but
but but but but

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