Amazing Back stories of your Favourite Memes

Amazing back stories of your favorite memes

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Elite Facts

Amazing back stories of your favourite memes

Elite Facts Presents
Amazing back stories of your favorite memes
College Freshman
You’ve probably been in many of the same
situations as College Freshman here – I
know I have.
College Freshman represents the thoughts,
actions and feelings of the first-year college
This picture of Griffin Kiritsy was taken
5 years ago for an interview with Reader’s
He didn’t take too well with the popularity
of his meme
Sheltering Suburban Mom
Practice what you preach is lost on sheltering
suburban mom.
She is the kind of parent who would forbid
you to drink or smoke, then stock up on vodka
and cigars for the upcoming family holidays.
In reality, Carly Philips is a successful
author of several romance novels and mother
of two children.
Ridiculously photogenic guy
If you have ever run a marathon, then you
will understand how ridiculously impossible
this guy can be so ridiculously photogenic
during a run.
Just look at that dazzling smile on runner
Computer programmer Will King took photos
of runners during the 2012 annual Cooper River
Bridge Run at Charleston, South Carolina and
caught the image of Zeddie smiling dashingly
at the lens.
The "Stop Girl" meme all started at a college
football game.
During a 2010 game between the University
of Arizona and Iowa, Sarah – the student who
would soon become Stop Girl – had a camera
trained on her as she watched the game in
Her request that the camera man stop filming
her lead to a bunch of weirdos on Reddit falling
in love with her.
Scumbag Steve, the meme everyone loves to
hate, is actually named Blake Boston and really
is kind of a scumbag.
The original photo is from his mom's 2006
MySpace page.
According to Boston, he could have "stopped
everything" going on with his photo being
used by a meme, but didn't want to seem "uncool."
When a photo of Laney Griner's son Sammy became
one of the most popular web memes ever, she
wasn't happy.
But a few years later, she used the unwanted
popularity of the meme to help raise $100,000
for her husband's dialysis, and to pay for
his kidney transplant.
The Internet isn't all bad.
The woman behind the first world problems
meme, Silvia Bottini, is an Italian born model
and actress who's been in a ton of commercials,
and she even offers a public speaking course.
She's basically the perfect person to represent
the First World Problems meme.
Because the Internet moves so fast, a lot
of people don't remember that the Overly Attached
Girl meme was created to poke fun at the clingier
aspects of Justin Bieber's single "Boyfriend."
A still from the newly dubbed "Overly Attached
Girlfriend's" YouTube video went viral in
2012, and never slowed down.
Fortunately, Laina Morris has been able to
capitalize on the meme and build a career
around it.
McKayla Maroney should have been super stoked
to be in the 2012 Olympics, especially when
she won a silver medal.
But Maroney was incredibly disappointed that
she didn't win the gold medal, and during
the medal ceremony, her face was locked in
a grimace.
That side-mouthed look became a meme
Despite seeming like the portrait of a child
arsonist, "Disaster Girl" actually has fairly
normal origins.
In 2004, the girl and her dad, Dave Roth,
were watching their local fire department
perform a training exercise, and Roth snapped
a perfectly timed picture.
Even though Disaster Girl has grown up into
a Disaster Young Woman, she still gives us
the creeps.
When Kyle Craven's friend posted a yearbook
outtake photo of his to Reddit, things got
very real, very quickly.
The photo in question was actually taken as
a joke.
In an interview with the Washington Post,
Kyle said that “Picture days were always
fun days for me,” and that he rubbed his
face to make it red, squinted his eyes, puffed
out his jaw and took what he thought would
be a funny photo.
Little did he know that a goof like that would
make him Internet famous a few years later.
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